Why You Should Learn Proper CPR Techniques


I had fallen into a deep sleep when tragedy struck. My friend and I had been traveling overseas by boat. He was apparently feeling rather cheerful; I’m guessing due to the amazingly beautiful weather we were experiencing. In his good mood, he decided to trudge along the edges of the boat. While making his way around the corner, he sudden slipped and fell into the sea.

I ran to the edge to see if he needed help. I initially did not see him and it hadn’t dawned on me that he wasn’t able to swim. That’s when I dove into the water. I managed to find and pull him to safety, but soon noticed he wasn’t breathing. I immediately began doing chess compressions, but lacking confidence that I was using proper CPR techniques, I stopped and began calling out for help from the boats nearby.

The distance of water between us and the other boats made it extremely difficult to communicate. No one could hear me. I screamed louder and louder until suddenly I awakened from my sleep in a deep sweat. The dream seemed so real, but I was glad that it wasn’t. Otherwise, I could’ve lost a close friend that day. This got me to thinking about learning CPR.

You can live your entire life and never need to use CPR, but if you were ever in a situation where you needed it, wouldn’t you rather be prepared. CPR Professionals of Colorado offers CPR and First Aid Training. Don’t delay on getting the training you need. Schedule a class today. Someone you love could be depending on it.



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By: Eric L. Lipsey