Why see an Esthetician? A shameless plug!

The beauty industry is a multi-billion dollar industry with thousands of subliminal messages with  in-your-face advertising hooks for “quick fixes” that play into your “fear of aging”. Sometimes, even professionals are seduced to believe the hype and it’s necessary as experts to test and determine what really works….or not.

Grocery stores and drugstores have aisles of over the counter (OTC) brightly colored bottles of potions that promise magical results and may have inactive ingredients, or fillers. These additives may feel good, smell  good, and spread  well  but largely have inactive ingredients or preservatives included in their product.  Besides, briefly, softening dead surface skin, these products may not promote healing or long-term beneficial treatment. The FDA does not regulate topicals or cosmeceuticals as they do food supplies and the inert products will be absorbed through your skin.  

What do you do?

Choose to invest in your skin’s long-term health. It’s best to purchase your products  from a local professional who has researched product selections and choose to carry high quality skin care lines. Small business owners stock products, fresh products that have not been sitting on the shelves and warehouses or have unnecessary preservatives and shelf-life expirations. You also know that you are actually getting the real product.

At Skin Care with Dory, we only sell products with active ingredients that have been scientifically studied and show real results after careful clinical testing. We create a custom plan for your unique skin regime, not a one-size-fits-all approach. By having a specialized approach, you will see quicker results, spend less money and have fewer products sitting on your counter space that will be a disappointment to the quality of results you’re trying to accomplish.  As you are a unique individual, you will receive personalized service and customized treatment plan that suits your lifestyle and what you hope to achieve for your skin appearance

There is so much confusing information about understanding how not to over dry your skin, what cause break-outs, how to reduce – age spots   and slow down or soften wrinkles. By hiring a professional esthetician like Skin Care with Dory,  We travel this journey together.  . As an esthetician, we are the first line-of-defense for your skin. Your skin is your largest organ and reflects your health and well-being to the world. We are trained to analyze and access your skin to evaluate some of the internal issues that display on the skin. We provide education, ensure understanding of  your unique skin qualities and discuss what may be the underlying cause of problem areas and suggest solutions from topical to internal solutions that may be affecting positive outcomes.  

I want you to look good…because confidence matters! The confidence you will gain by your self-care and health regime will add a new vitality that is reflected from the inside out and outside in. Your new glow and confidence will be noticed. Although most people get skin care for vanity reasons- We are examining the health of your skin and are often the First Line of Defense for your skin.

What is our evaluation process? A trained professional esthetician asks about your skin care routine, your nutrition, your stress and sleep levels, hydration, lifestyle choices and supports your journey on your desired results.  Initially, we look to see if “your skin barrier is compromised” and how we can help balance and strengthen your skin. 

  • Are your pores small or large and are they impacted or clear?
  • Is your skin even colored or has darker or reddish patches or spots?
  • Our hands can feel the texture of our skin: Is it rough, dry, bumpy, scarred, flaky, elastic, resilient, and have bounce-back ability?
  • Is there laxity of the skin and where is it?
  • Are there fine lines, wrinkles, patterned textures or lines, and where?
  • Is there acne or other skin disruptions?
  • Are there certain areas that need particular attention?
  • Are there any spots that look like they could be possible skin cancer or another medical issue?
  • What is the visual vascular layout?

At Skin Care with Dory, my goal is that you enjoy the process, easily adapt and enjoy your routine and seeing real results!

We offer revolutionary Jet Plasma treatments, Microcurrent Facial, contouring, Collagen induction stem cell and cytokine Microneedling, Red Light LED therapy, pharmacist created Truth Treatment Chemical peels, retinaldehyde Nano needling, Oxygen Infusion Restoration and European and Aqua Facials. We partner with Osmosis Beauty, Jan Marini Skin Research, Truth Treatment Systems, Viktoria DeAnn pure peptides and AnteAge. 

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