VENTRE Magazine’s Cover Story Review

In my rawest opinion there is no such thing as a “one true love.” There are no fairytales in the real world, hints the word “fairytale.”


However, in this quarter’s issue of VENTRE Magazine we get a glimpse of love, success, failure and commitment in its purest reality through the eyes of co-founders of VENTRE, VENTRE Magazine & Phoenix Business Development, Eric and Teresa Lipsey.

When you browse through, their photos take you into their journey making it clear that through all the trials and tribulations this couple has come out as fierce as ever. When you dig deeper and dive into their story you see pain, frustration and fear in the raw; you also see pure joy in the birth of their daughter and their insight to success. These two have a clear understanding of what it means to build your own legacy. Every failure is a stepping-stone to eventual success and every ounce of progress is a huge leap in the right direction.


These two driven individuals are just the people you want by your side as you build your dreams. They simply get it! Building up and encouraging entrepreneurship is their life’s work, and it’s a body of work for which they can be proud. It’s not a story of how true love saved the day; it’s a story about hard work, dark days, respect, perseverance and how it created a love for the ages.

Manda Jones