Understanding Life’s Road Blocks

road 2

The sign read, “Road Closed Ahead.” One could hardly imagine my disappointment. I’d been travelling for many months and had become quite weary. I was excited to be close to my destination. Now I must either wait or find another way.

I pulled out my road map and began to search. Much to my dismay, there was no other way to my destination other than the current path.

As frustration began to mount, I thought about just pushing through the barriers in complete disregard for the sign. Then I was reminded that the barrier was there for a reason.

I did not know the reason, because I couldn’t see it. Fortunately, someone else saw it before I did and decided to warn me that there was danger ahead.

This parable is fictional, but intended as a reminder that every roadblock or setback in life isn’t a hindrance. Sometimes they actually protect us from harm or dangers that we can’t see. Maybe this time could be used to perfect our ideas or to find much needed rest and rejuvenation to complete the task ahead.

Practicing patience when you feel you’ve already reached your limits can be extremely challenging. However, we must learn acceptance and keep the faith that we’ll reach our destination in due time.


Eric L. Lipsey