The Torch in the Tunnel

She’d travelled long into the day when she noticed the sun was setting. She hurried her steps knowing the light of the sun would soon be lost. If she didn’t reach her destination quickly she’d have to travel the length of the long, dreary tunnel ahead without light.

As the sun slowly drifted from view, she realized the reality of her remaining journey. Fear gripped her as she approached the tunnel. Determined to reach her destination, she pressed onward.


Her adrenaline pumped and her heart raced with every noise she heard. Just as she was thinking she should turn back, she saw a light. Knowing the end of the tunnel was much farther away than the distance she’d travelled, she was puzzled. Yet she found comfort at the sight of it.

As she moved closer to the light, she noticed the figure of a woman. Once she reached the light, she saw it was a friend who knew she’d be on the journey. She was much relieved at the sight of her. She was thankful to have a friend who didn’t want her to have to travel alone. A friend, a torch and a little thoughtfulness helped her through the dark tunnel that night and she reached her destination.

Sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel can be very far off as we make our journey through life. Having help along the way can mean more than we sometimes realize. Can you provide a torch for someone else? Can you serve as a catalyst to help someone reach his or her destination? Be a difference maker. Be the torch inside the tunnel!


Eric L. Lipsey