The Small Business Movement (Week 2)

It’s Monday and a great day to do something awesome. I start out by making a list of influencers whom I think could be good affiliates. This wasn’t hard because I regularly follow many of them on social media. I thought for this reason it would be relatively easy.

As I began my search, I noticed that many of the influencers provided no way to contact them. Maybe this was on purpose since they’re probably bombarded by so many opportunities that they’re often overwhelmed. I managed to find a few work-arounds. I imagine it wasn’t a genius move as others have probably done the same, but we’ll see what comes of it.

Seeing this, I was reminded about Seth Godin’s book, “Tribe.” In the book, he writes about building a tribe and finding your people. One of the points he makes early on is to become the face of the movement. With this thought, I was inspired to step up my game. Instead of looking for influencers, I’d instead become one.

I reignited my YouTube channel and Galt University where I interview business professionals as well as offer tidbits of my own. Using the power of observation, I began to study what the influencers did to gain their influence. I studied how they used thumbnails on their videos to draw in scrollers. 

I noticed that some of the things that they’d post weren’t necessarily profound, yet they’d have thousands of likes, hundreds of shares and several comments. I thought to myself, “That’s the power of influence.” Not that I would make posts that weren’t saying much, but that influencers get the likes regardless because they’ve built the audience. 

I can see how becoming an influencer could take the Small Business Movement to new heights. Eventually, the people who are hard to reach would eventually reach out to me. At least that is what I imagine will happen. People are more apt to want you when you don’t need them. It’s an interesting psychological experiment. Long story short, I get to work on becoming an influencer.

I went to my lab and began creating content. This content includes some video as well as a couple quotes that I’ve imposed onto professional photos regarding the movement. I’m now going to plaster them and boost/promote them wherever I deem cost effective. The idea is to call out to the people who choose small businesses whenever possible; my tribe if you will.

On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of interviewing Amy Schield, owner of Amy Schield Coaching on the topic of time management. It felt good to be back in that space, creating content that will help others. By the way, when you get a chance, check out the video. She dropped some serious nuggets of wisdom.

On Wednesday, I attended the first networking event in over a year. I didn’t know what to expect, but I hoped it would be good since I RSVP’d without knowing exactly where the event would be held. It was a bit of a drive. I arrived at this building in this area that wasn’t conducive to my comfort levels. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I entered the building.

The space was very open and clean. There were video projections on the wall showcasing events that had taken place there. There were some pretty remarkable photographs on the walls as well. Turns out, it was a photography/videography studio. The owners were employing tactics similar to my own. They were holding networking events to bring attention to their studio. I get excited about that sort of thing, because it’s smart business. 

As soon as I walked in, I was greeted by one of the studio owners which is always nice. We talked for a bit. He had me sign in and answer the question whether or not I wanted to pitch my business for 60 seconds. Um, let me think for a second. Do I want to have everyone’s undivided attention while I talk about my business? Heck yeah! Say less!

The people were very friendly. As I listened to what each person did or aspired to do, I realized how much I missed being in that atmosphere. I was inspired by their stories. It was a pleasant reminder of why Galt Business Solutions exists. After about an hour of conversing, it was pitch time.

When my name was called, I went up in my typical Toastmasters boldness, like, “I was born for this!” It was the longest 60 seconds ever, probably because I went over time, but now one said anything. All I know is that there were roughly 20 people in attendance and by the time I was done, eight of them had downloaded the app. Time well spent, I thought. 

It was positively invigorating. Not just because they downloaded the app, but that they understood the mission. They understood what we were doing in the small business community and they wanted to be part of it. 

It’s Thursday and I am scheduled to meet with a colleague who has recently become the area manager for a co-working space in Denver and Boulder. He wants me to hold events there free of charge for the purpose of bringing exposure to the space. I haven’t decided that events are something I want to do again, but after Wednesday night, it’s become more of a possibility. 

I went to check out the space. It was nice. I liked their concept, but I’m still on the fence about doing events. Every event we’ve attempted over the past two years have been thwarted by a new variant of covid, leaving us with expenses that we couldn’t recoup. At this time, monkeypox has taken center stage. I want to see if it will simply blow over before I plan an event. If we should move forward with events again, this will definitely rank high on the list of venues. 

That said, I’m all about going to other networking events. I’m now on the hunt for additional events to attend. Once I see something works, I ride it until it no longer does. Then, I go searching for the next thing. 

I also managed to get two new sponsors for giveaways. 20/20 Eyevenue and Zerry’s Clothier. I still need to reach far more sponsors and I’m running about two weeks behind schedule, but I’ll get it caught up. I just need to dedicate a day or two and get ahead of it.

On Friday, I had a follow up meeting with a colleague/friend of mine whom I’d been trying to bring on as a partner. This would be the third time we’ve talked on the matter. She had several questions during our meeting. She said she’d get back to me on Monday, so I’m not sure what will come of it. 

One thing that became clear to me during the meeting is that I’m going to need to raise capital. Until this movement achieves virality, I’m going to have to dedicate funds to getting the message out to the people who need to hear it. It’s all part of the game, so I’ll focus on that over the weekend. 

I set up a few meetings and a few networking events for week three. I’m excited to see what will come of them. This week we managed 34 new app registrations and 3 new business membership commitments. They haven’t joined quite yet, so I’ll have to do some follow up. 

We’ve reached the end of another week. Join us for week 3 as the Small Business Movement continues.

p.s. The app is available on Android and iOS. If you want to add your business to the app, you can easily do so by visiting Otherwise, we hope you’ll use the app to support other small businesses.