The Healing Power of Oxygen

“It all felt surreal, and I remember it as if it was yesterday,” she said. Kristen Lohneiss was out for a walk when a drunk driver struck her. She was initially struck in the leg, then again by the roof of the vehicle and thrown over 120 feet from the point of impact. 

When emergency vehicles initially arrived, they didn’t know where she was. She was mistaken to be a pile of debris. She’d landed on her head, neck and shoulder. Her skull was fractured in several places. Her spine had many broken vertebrae, along with many cracked ribs. 

The head injury caused severe brain trauma and double vision. The damage to the spine caused misalignment. She also had four broken bones in the leg and a blown out ACL. Soft tissue damage from the impact was severe, to say the least. 

Kristen was kept in a coma for two weeks. Upon coming into consciousness and preparing to leave the hospital, her doctors told her that the pains from her injuries would become worse as she aged. “Learn to manage with pain medication,” were their final words to her before sending her off with a stack of prescriptions for drugs. 

At this time, Kristen was only 21 years of age. She was completely oblivious to the potential of becoming addicted to painkillers. Due to an undiagnosed condition, her left leg would give out, leaving her to have to crawl to the restroom. It was in that moment that she heard a voice. 

Whether it was an inner voice or outer voice that spoke to her, she is unsure, but she’s thankful for the message nonetheless. The voice said, “If you take the medication, you’ll be numb, you’ll hurt yourself worse and you won’t heal.” With that message, she decided not to take the medicine. 

This led Kristen on a journey for true healing. It wasn’t an easy journey as she dealt with pain and feelings of isolation because she couldn’t adequately communicate with those around her. She often questioned how it was even possible that she was still alive. Yet, her quest continued for another six years, when she learned about an oxygenation machine. 

Kristen decided to give the machine a try. For the first time in six years, she felt energetic. She was able to walk around in the nearby woods for 4 hours. She felt great! What was it about the oxygenation machine that helped her, you might ask? To understand that, you have to understand the power of oxygen.

Kristen Lohneiss present…

In our society, we constantly breathe in toxic air. That toxic air intoxicates our bodies. Because it happens gradually, we often don’t notice it, yet it has a tremendous negative impact on our bodies. The build up of toxins prohibits our bodies from doing what it’s naturally designed to do.

Oxygenation enables our bodies to cleanse toxins out on a cellular level. With each session, Kristen’s cells improved, allowing her body to heal more and more. With each cleansing, there’s less work for the oxygen to do, so it begins to work more effectively. 

Eventually, Kristen’s brain began to heal. She noticed that her ability to communicate effectively became less and less inhibited. When I met Kristen, I would not have known she had such an horrific past, had she not told me. She was completely coherent. 

Her success with the oxygenation process is what led her to start her own practice, Health Empowered. She works with people recovering from illness, injury, athletes looking to improve performance and every day people who want to improve their livelihood. 

To try Oxygenation therapy for yourself, you can set up an appointment by calling Health Empowered at 720-295-9339 or by visiting their website at The address is listed below:

The Source Health Center

Health Empowered

956 W. Cherry St.

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