Staying Healthy in A World of Sickness

I was running a startup business and had to do it all. As the saying goes, “I was chief cook and bottle washer.” Accounting, sales, marketing and content creation were all my responsibilities. I understood that any time I was unable to focus on my work lessened my likelihood of success. 

My stress levels were high and I wasn’t sleeping well. I’d learned from my psychology studies the damage I was doing to my mind and body. The stress and lack of sleep also made me more susceptible to illness. With all of the demands on my time, I simply didn’t have time to be sick. 

It was clear that I needed to make some changes. Maybe it was fate of sheer happenstance that I was introduced to Cold Snap. I’m a skeptic of all things, a true non-believer. I expect nothing to work the way I’m told it will. My initial thoughts were not unwarranted, because many things don’t work as advertised. That said, I put my apprehension aside and decided to give it a try. 

When I felt sickness coming on, I’d start taking Cold Snap. Lo and behold, I would bounce back every time, without the sickness progressing. I was shocked! Cold Snap actually worked. I then began to think to myself, why wait until I get sick to use it. Why not take it as a preventative measure?

That question led me to do a bit more exploration. OHCO, Oriental Herb Company was the producer of the product. I wondered if they truly used herbs or if the name was simply a marketing gimmick. I looked at the ingredients and found the name and the ingredients to be in alignment. 

With the new found information, I began taking Cold Snap every day. I’m pleased to say that I went three years without getting any sort of sickness, until Covid 19 came along. Even then, I was only down for a couple days with a headache and a bit of fatigue. By day three, I was up and at it again. I’m not saying Cold Snap is a cure for Covid; however, it is a scientific fact that a healthier immune system aids in recovery from illness and Cold Snap certainly provided that. 

I take Cold Snap once per day. If I feel something coming on that doesn’t feel right in my body, I increase the dosage to 3 times per day. Sometimes I increase dosage leading up to a vacation or an important event to make sure that I don’t have to miss it. As my elders would say when I was young, “An ounce of prevention is better than a ton of cure.” Besides, it’s herbal, so I don’t have to worry about negative side effects. I highly recommend Cold Snap as a remedy for staying healthy in a world of sickness.