Social Media: The New Crucifixion Mob

14105200361Grab your torch and pitchforks! Someone has done something wrong and it is time to crucify him. Now trending on social media: He or she has committed a crime, now they must pay the price or serve some time. Apologies don’t matter, for your life we must shatter. It reminds me of the studies of olden times in how people would gather around to see the public execution of those condemned by the state.

What is it about human nature that causes us to gravitate to such things? Surely there are a many other issues that deserve our time, yet we get wrapped and tangled into the affairs of others. The bigger shame is that we ourselves may have greater faults than those we wish to condemn.

I have nearly 2000 connections on Facebook, which means that I can barely scroll through one page without seeing someone being condemned for something. The focus is always on what was done wrong and/or what the adequate punishment should be for it. Often times, it brings back to my memory what Jesus said, “let he who has no sin throw the first stone.” What? How’s that?

Yes! You heard it correctly. Before you start judging others, make sure that your own house is clean. For example: Before you judge someone for infidelity, could your relation with your spouse use improvement. Maybe you’re not cheating so that makes you feel justified in judging, but there could be other areas of your relationship being neglected. Lack of communication can cause just as much devastation in a relationship as verbal abuse. In which case, that’s where your attention should be, rather than on the affairs of others. If someone is being brought to justice for bad business practices, rather than joining the mob, maybe you should use the opportunity to examine your own business practices.

Don’t be so hasty to join the mob. There are always two sides to a story. Did you hear both of them? Don’t be one who only gets one side of the story and run through the streets screaming crucify him, crucify him. And even if you do get both sides of the story, first examine yourself. Treat the situation as a mirror into your own life and ask, “how can I learn from this or how can I use this to improve?”

This is not to say that there aren’t those who deserve to be punished for their crimes. The point of this blog is to provide a mirror into our own lives rather than a looking class into the lives of others. Gandhi stated it brilliantly, “Any change that you wish to see in the world, start with yourself and healing will multiply.”

Eric L. Lipsey