Scientist Discovers Link Between VENTRE Members and Higher Connectivity

There’s so much pseudoscience circling social media these days making claims such as bald people being more intelligent, procrastinators are geniuses, people who swear are more intellectual, so on and so forth. This title is no different; however, we have found a unique culture among VENTRE members.

Every organization eventually develops a culture; it’s either intentional or by default. Those that happen by default typically find themselves at fault. We’re intentional about the culture of VENTRE. We promote collaboration and synergy among our members. Our members love it. When someone new comes in, that’s one of the first things they notice.


We wondered if we could maintain the culture as we grew and we’re pleased to say, “so far so good!” I’ve personally witnessed shear magic happen at our Synergy Project meetings. Our Synergy Project meetings are a masterminds and networking meeting consisting of about 12-15 people. The connections, industry knowledge and opportunities that come from these meetings are a thing of beauty. You’ll be hard pressed to find anything like it.


I’ve witnessed our members go out of their way to help each other succeed. They aren’t required to do so. They aren’t even required to pass a lead, yet they do. It simply boils down to the culture of the organization, to include the leadership.


If you’re ready for to experience something different with your business or profession, I highly recommend becoming a member of VENTRE. If you get involved and use the resources, you’ll experience the difference. Be part of a culture that’s making a difference. Learn more about us at


Written by: Eric L. Lipsey