Perfect Effort vs. Perfect Results

14157043321“You can plan a pretty picnic, but you can’t predict the weather,” Outcast. We should always aim to do the best we can, but what happens when we’ve put forth our best efforts and yet are unable to achieve the desired results? We are often hard on ourselves to the point of losing confidence in our ability. Thus is the problem with attempting to be a perfectionist.

We may sometimes and even often be able to produce the perfect result, but results aren’t always the true measure. While our efforts can have a huge influence, we aren’t able to control results; therefore, they may vary. However, we can put forth perfect effort with our given resources every time.

I remember some years ago, my wife and I put together the biggest event that we’d ever attempted. We put a lot of work into it. We did the research. We had the best giveaways and the best food; therefore, we expected the best turnout. But it was not to be. A rainstorm that was much larger than reporters had predicted was about to take place. The rain not only came, but it came in sideways. The winds were so strong that it was difficult to walk. If that wasn’t enough, damaging hail followed shortly.

We had the worst turnout ever. Many of our vendors didn’t even show up for the event. We felt horrible. We really wanted and needed the event to be good. I felt so bad that I had to talk with my mentor afterwards. Once I was done expressing my feelings, he asked one simple question, “Did you do the best that you could?” At the end of the day, that is all that matters.

We are 100% accountable for our efforts. The results may vary and maybe we take away a lesson that will help us improve our future efforts. The key is being able to rest easy knowing that you gave it your all regardless of the result. That is the difference between perfect effort and perfect results.

Eric L. Lipsey
Phoenix Business Development