Pay-for-Performance Advertising

Are you spending your hard-earned capital on advertising without getting results? When it comes to advertising, there are many options. You know your business requires growth, so you’re willing to do whatever it takes to get new customers and clients. You may find yourself hemorrhaging money to do so.


I recently saw that a magazine with only 1000 readers were charging more than $250.00 per issue. That’s the equivalent of $4.00 for a visual impression; that 1000 readers is really only if you’re in the first 30 pages. Viewership drops significantly after that. Statistically, less than 30% of viewers complete an entire issue. So if you’re towards the back of the magazine, chances are, you’re really getting hosed.


Undoubtedly, the advertisers in the magazine, whom only looked at the price, thought they were making a great investment. To put the dollars in perspective, a Facebook ad campaign can get you in front of 1000 viewers for less than $25.00. Although far less expensive, you could still be spending without getting.


In March of 2018, our team sat down to plan development of a new concept that would allow a business to generate new customers and clients without upfront cost. What we came up with was the first ever Cross-Industry Loyalty program via the VENTRE Loyalty App.


This program allows a business to get in front of participants without upfront cost. The business simply offers a 10% (or more) discount to a customer when they make a purchase. This way, the customer is happy because they saved and you’re ecstatic because you didn’t spend unnecessarily.


We launched the program in September of 2018 and we’ve received testimonials from app users who’ve saved hundreds using the app and by the same token, businesses that have made thousands because of the app. It’s really a no-brainer resource and it’s easy to get your business involved.


You must be a member of VENTRE to use this service. Become a member today by signing up at It’s your dollar. Spend it wisely!


App available now on the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android.