A Lesson in Effective Communication


One of the best ways to get someone to see your point is not to put him or her on the defensive. When irritated about a certain matter or subject, it’s tempting to want to come out guns-a-blazing. It feels good to the ego, but it usually isn’t very effective. It’s like serving a steak to a baby. Even if it’s the best steak ever, the baby can’t eat it.

Consider to whom you’re conversing. How can you best relate the message to that person or group? Sure, a fiery message will rally the attention and support of those who are constituents to your viewpoint, but you’re not trying to convince them. Tailor your message and attitude so that the intended recipients can receive it. No point serving up a spicy meal if people won’t eat it.

People often reject the message, because of the messenger. If the message is important and you need others to understand it, remove your ego from it and consider your intended audience. Be strategic and think, “Is my communication effective?”

Eric L. Lipsey