How Motive can Revive Motivation

14177752861Do you ever forget why you do what you do? We most often choose our path because it has some sort of meaning. It could be the passion for doing something we love, fulfilling something we view as a need or simply because we desire to create. Whatever the reason for starting, we sometimes forget about it along the way. We lose motivation and sometimes can’t figure out why.

During a conversation with my mentor, I expressed how I had been feeling unmotivated. I explained that no matter how hard I worked, it seemed that the money just wasn’t going to come in fast enough. He then asked, “Is money your motive.” I stopped to think about it for a second, then I responded, “Money isn’t my overall motive, but it is a necessity.” He said, “I understand that, but what is your motive?” I replied, “My motive is to create concepts that better the lives of those around me.” “Then let that serve as your motivation,” He responded.

Often times we lose motivation because we start focusing on the wrong things. We focus on the things that we lack rather than the things that we have. Focusing on lack kills willpower and motivation. Even focusing on what we have can sometimes drain motivation. You may start making good money and become bored. The boredom stems from forgetting why you started. If you started for the sole purpose of money, then you might well be done. However, if you started for a greater purpose, you may still have some work to do.

All we sometimes need to do is remember why we began in the first place. Remembering why we started can put the motive back in our motivation. Sometimes it pays to be nostalgic. If you want a good reason to continue, remember why you started.

Eric L. Lipsey
Phoenix Business Development