Getting it Down to a Science: Why did it Work?

14153619621A cosmic joke is when you think you’ve gotten something figured out, only to find later that you’re still off base. For example: mankind believed for centuries that the earth was flat. To protest otherwise could result in the accusation of heresy, punishable by death. The good thing about science is that it’s always pushing the limits of understanding. As a result, things only move from theory to fact once it produces duplicable results. Hence the term, “getting it down to a science.”

The beauty of science is that it helps to remove elements of guessing and luck. It helps you to find out what works and sometimes more importantly, why it works. That’s why I’ve adopted the science approach into my day-to-day operations and think you should also.

It’s easy to get caught up in the routine of doing something just for the sake of doing something. We often do the things that we do because we don’t know anything better to do. These processes and procedures can lead us down the path to nowhere, yet we follow them in blind faith. Much like trying to find the end of the earth, only to end up where you started or at worst, lost at sea.

I’ve never considered myself to be a salesman. In fact, it was one of the things I said I couldn’t do. But when a business venture forced me into that realm, I had only two choices. Learn to sell or close up shop. I’m not a quitter so I chose to learn. With each approach, I would watch for the facial expressions, body language and energy of the person with whom I was conversing. It was quite the learning experience.

I paid attention to the things that I said that sparked interest as well as the things that I said that caused prospects to divert their attention elsewhere. As my approach came closer to a science, my effectiveness at closing the deal increased. This approach has allowed me to stop wasting time on what doesn’t work.

When you know what works and why it works, you can then begin to build on that. As my mentor would say, “If at first you succeed, do it again.” However, don’t think that because something succeeded once that it will succeed every time. After you’ve done it a number of times successfully, I think it’s safe to adopt the strategy. Getting your efforts down to a science will save you time, money and energy. Wishing all the best to you and your efforts.

Eric L. Lipsey
Phoenix Business Development