Don’t Wait for The Flood

The Noah Dilemma: Noah built a vessel to help others, because he saw the need for it. He constructed the vessel to improve their chances of survival, yet they hesitated to get on board. However, as the floodwaters began to rise, they had a sudden change of mind, but by then, it was too late. We’re not trying to scare you into getting out of your own way, but there is something we business owners have to understand.


Running a small business can be extremely challenging. The costs associated with many needed resources are often insurmountable and sometimes ineffective. We pump our financial resources into traditional means only to end up empty handed. It’s time to Re-Think tradition. Serving their members is VENTRE’s number one priority.


Our team doesn’t focus on doing business as usual. We focus on doing what works. We’re a team of experienced entrepreneurs who understand your needs. Every resource we develop is geared towards helping your business thrive. That is our purpose. It’s time to get your business on board!


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Eric L. Lipsey