Call out to Dreamers, Visionaries and Entrepreneurs:

14167551361I hear people complain about the 1% getting richer while the middle class gets diminished. I shake my head as they line up to give them more of their money.

Seems pretty simple to me. If you don’t want to see the 1% keep getting richer, you’d stop giving them your money.

Yeah! I know. There are just some things you can’t purchase from a smaller business because they’ve already been forced out of business; however, that’s not always the case.

I don’t expect many consumers to understand this just yet. That’s why I’m calling on Entrepreneurs who own small businesses first. “Leadership from the front,” they say. If we change our spending habits, others will follow.

Join the Movement at The Link. We’re going to make a difference…..

Eric L. Lipsey
Phoenix Business Development