Beware of Distractions!

54947443 - distraction: yellow road sign with a blue sky and white clouds

First came distraction. While you attended to distraction, worry crept in through the back door. While you gave attention to worry, the enemy came in and stole your peace. While you desperately searched to find peace, much to your dismay, the enemy had stolen your focus. Once you became unfocused, the enemy smiled. Your vision hung in the balance, unable to be realized, because although you were there physically, you were no longer on the path.

Beware of distraction. It comes in many forms. It will disguise itself as a worthy ambition or in the form of an obstacle. If it takes focus from your mission, be mindful that it doesn’t remove you from the path. You have a dream. Stay focused. Stay vigilant. See it through!


Eric L. Lipsey