A Letter of Gratitude

14132067661Life is a mystery unfolding with endless possibilities. Our greatest joy is to create and that process brings us a joy that is difficult to describe. All of our ideas don’t work out as planned, but each step brings us closer. We take what doesn’t work and move it away while moving forward with what does, adding to it along the way.

Our greatest hope in what we create is that it will better the lives of all who are touched by it. With determination not to leave any gift unused, we implement the concepts that come to us. If we don’t fully know how to execute, we apply ourselves to learning until we do.

We have no knowledge of what tomorrow will bring, but we fully accept where we are presently and strive to make it beautiful. We’ve had our share of struggles. We’ve hit rock bottom so hard at times that we didn’t feel we could get up again. Yet, somehow the vision that we share propels us forward.

It is our belief that visions and ideas are loyal to no one. They want to be realized so if we don’t execute, they will go to someone who will. So with uncompromised faith, we pursue the visions brought to us. We’re willing to stay the course although at times, we find it challenging.

We’re incredibly grateful to all who have stood with us. Your support means more than words could ever describe. As we continue this journey to make a difference, we hope you’ll continue to do so. The way is long and the journey can be harsh, but with your support, we keep moving forward. Thank you!!!

Kind regards,
Eric L. Lipsey
Teresa J. Lipsey