A Good Lesson From a Tomato Plant

It was a tomato plant that brought me hope. As I sat evaluating all of the work that had been put into the project, without visible results, I became discouraged. I began to question my abilities and the mission. “Maybe it was a futile pursuit after all,” I thought to myself.


Ripe fresh tomatoes growing on the vine.


Negative thoughts began to cloud my mind until I could no longer see clearly the vision. It was then that I turned in my chair and looked out towards the balcony. I took notice of the tomato plant that had been there for a couple months.


Most of the tomatoes were green; however, as I looked more closely, I observed one towards the bottom that was orange and next to it was one that had turned red. That’s when it hit me. All things in time!


The tomato plant had to have consistent water and sunlight. The nature of what it is doesn’t allow it to bloom over night, but with consistency and patience, the tomatoes could ripen and provide nourishment. The same was true with the mission.


Sure! It’s a plethora of hard work, but I had to keep showing up. I was reminded that if we keep doing the right things long enough, the fruits of our labor would reveal itself. Persistence and patience is key. Keep nurturing the vision. Keep perfecting your skills. In time, you will reap the reward.


Eric L. Lipsey