A Few Good Reasons to Hire a Personal Fitness Trainer

14109923691I have been a lifelong fitness enthusiast for 35 years and started off in 1982 when a friend introduced me to the world of bodybuilding. After competing in 2 shows, I decided that helping people was my passion and continued training and teaching clients as a side business. I enjoy spending time educating and helping clients achieve their goals. I teach clients how to exercise effectively and with little or no equipment.

One of the most important aspects of health is maintaining a strong core system. Our core keeps us balanced and stable. A weak core sets us up for back and balance issues. All of our exercise programs include core exercise and stabilization movement.
Because of my extensive background in the health field, I am able to work with the senior population and high risk population.

I work based on the small goal approach by setting small obtainable goals over a period of time. I also coach clients on wellness and nutrition and how to make positive lifestyle changes in a safe and comfortable environment.

I apply the same principles with the Corporate sector, educating employees with nutrition, wellness and fitness education. I do not use the “cookie-cutter” approach, rather I base my programs on the needs of the client. My satisfaction comes from the joy I receive in helping clients achieve their goals as well as different, more effective workouts and an overall healthier lifestyle.

We offer a variety of small group fitness classes, including yoga, mat Pilates and HIIT. All classes are taught by a certified group exercise instructor and are taught for all levels of fitness.
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Sharon Wortham ~ Personal Trainer

Custom Made Fitness, LLC educates individuals on exercise, nutrition and how to make positive lifestyle changes in a safe, comfortable environment. We take a whole body approach to getting our clients healthy and in the shape they wish to be in.