5 Business Awards & How to Win Them ~ VENTRE Magazine’s Annual Awards Gala

The world of business ownership can be challenging. We work our fingers to the bone and often go unnoticed. VENTRE Magazine wants you to be recognized for your efforts. That’s why we’re pleased to invite you to our Annual Awards Gala to be held at the beautiful Stone Brook Manor in Thornton, Colorado on February 23rd. Tickets are Available Now!

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This event will feature dinner, awards and dancing (Cocktail Attire). Outside of simply having a great time, we will recognize outstanding achievers in 5 categories. The categories are as follows:

1. The Go Giver Award: This award is for a business that goes out of its way to make life or business better for others. (Cannot be the primary function of the business.)

2. The Purple Cow Award: This award is for a business that has made itself remarkable through marketing brilliance. This business stands out in the crowd.

3. The Innovation Award: This award is for a business that brought a brilliant new business concept to the 2017 business market.

4. Business Excellence Award: This award is for a business that exceeds expectations when it comes to serving their customers. They exude integrity, ethics and service before self.

5. Business Perseverance Award: This award is for a business owner who overcame tremendous obstacles to keep moving forward in their business.

(p.s. Big businesses, direct marketing and multi-level marketers are not eligible to win the above mentioned awards.)

The awards will be based on votes. Any business can participate. Membership to VENTRE is not required. Voting will begin December 28, 2017. Winners will receive an Award and honorable mention in the Q2 Issue of VENTRE Magazine.

If you feel your business qualifies for one of the above mentioned awards, below are the simple instructions for how to register your business to receive votes:

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How to Get Votes:

  1. Go to www.VENTRE.xyz
  2. Select Login/Join at the top right of page
  3. If you haven’t already, complete the short registration form. If you’re a VENTRE member, you’re already registered, go to step 4
  4. Login
  5. Select “Vote Platform” from the top menu bar
  6. Make sure only categories for which you wish to receive votes are selected
  7. Submit Form
  8. Copy Url to share on social media or email to your audience for votes

Voting will end on January 31st. You can find Voting Results HERE.