Pitch Night

Pitch Night provides an opportunity for you to practice your pitch. If chosen, you'll have 5 minutes to pitch your business to a panel. Evaluators will then have 5 minutes to ask questions. After all pitches have been heard, the evaluators will convene to make a decision on the winner. The winner will receive the pronounced award for that night. Could be cash and/or other resources. Your pitch must be regarding an existing business or a business on which you're actively working.

Once you've submitted your request to pitch, and you're chosen, we'll provide you with available presentation dates. If you miss your pitch date for any reason, you'll be placed on a 90 day probation. After 90 days, you can submit a new request to present.

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By submitting this form, I acknowledge that I understand that the information disseminated in my presentation is recorded and may be shared on social media and/or other outlets for educational purposes. Any information that I don’t want disclosed should not be shared during the presentation.